Can sauna hat be worn in steam bath, infrared sauna, “banja”?

Yes, it can be worn.

Can sauna hat be worn in Hammam?

Yes, but we strongly recommend you to choose and use textile headgear.

Do you need a hat in infrared sauna?

The use of the sauna hat should be adapted according to the individual needs.

Why wear a sauna hat?

Read more about why wear sauna hat here: bit.ly/theNEEDofSaunaHat

How to choose the right sauna hat?

Read more about right choice of the sauna hat here: bit.ly/SizeAndCareInstructions

What could harm a sauna hat?

It is important to know that you cannot leave your hat in hot sauna – it will shrink. Also, do not dry in a dryer.

How to take the care of the sauna hat?

Read more about sauna hat care here: bit.ly/AboutSaunaHats

Can sauna hats lose its color?

Yes, the color of the sauna hat may fade when it’s exposed to direct sunlight or bleach.

Can sauna hat be washed in the washing machine? It is necessary?

If the sauna hat is for your personal use only, you can decide whether to wash it or not.

Tip: only the rinse and spin function in the washing machine can be used. This should be sufficient to rinse off the sweat.

What parcel delivery services do you use?

We use “DHL” and “Deutsche Post” for parcel services.

Do you send hats via Express shipments?

Yes, we send. Please contact: info@saunahuete.de

What is the delivery time for the ordered item?

Shipping time is calculated from the moment the order is fulfilled.

Delivery terms:

Germany: 2 – 5 working days
Europe: 5 – 14 days
America: 2 – 5 weeks
Australia: 1 – 3 weeks
Japan: 1 – 3 weeks
Russia: 1- 4 weeks

How long does the production period take?

After ordering up to 10 sauna hats – production period takes from 2 to 5 days.

Ordering 10 and more sauna hats  – production time is calculated for each individual order.

Delivery time starts from the moment when the customer receives an email informing that the production has been completed.

If the hat is too big, what to do?

If you think the hat is too big or too long for you, you can simply crop the bottom of the hat. The hat will not change its structure. You can also iron it with a hot steam iron – this will fix and change the shape of the hat.

If the sauna hat is too big but the bottom is decorated – you need to change the hat.

If the hat is too small, what to do?

if you received too small our handmade sauna hat as a gift or you miscalculate the size of your hat? Contact us at info@saunahuete.de

How to maintain the beauty of the hat?

After washing can be ironed – sauna hat will be nicer. If it is bubbling, can be shaved with special machine (lint remover), that safely removes fuzz from all fabrics.

Where to apply for an individual order?

Your orders are always welcome by email: info@saunahuete.de

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