Terry sauna hat “Rhombus”


đź’ Rhombus shape pattern, relaxing color, soft and feels good in the contact with the skin.

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83% cotton, 17% linen.

Covers all head and ears.
Protects and guards your head, hair from sudden temperature changes.
Sauna hat made of high quality terry fabric, which is good absorbing moisture.
Machine washable to 60°C.
Before the first use, the product must be washed.
Wash according to the maintenance requirements.
Wash with similar colored laundry.
Use a fabric softener in moderation.
If the individual wires are pulled out of the fabric, cut them with scissors. This will not change the quality of the product.

Mixed white with natural undyed linen.
Not colored .
With rhombus shape pattern.

One size.

More information about sauna hats:
– bit.ly/SizeAndCareInstructions
– bit.ly/theNEEDofSaunaHat

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