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The beginning of UAB LITTAU DESIGN, or how we started to felt?

 About ten years ago, we discovered the wonderful world of wool. Felting integrates both the need for creative self-expression as well as more down-to-earth and practical needs. Over time, the hobby turned into a dear job. With the growing demand for natural hand-made products, all felting activity eventually developed into a small enterprise UAB LITTAU DESIGN. Its main purpose is to make original, custom made products for exceptional customers based on a sustainable use of natural and human resources. Our specialized products targeting sauna lovers combine natural materials, unique design, quality and functional purpose, which are the main principles of our business. The cosy eco-friendly working environment in a natural setting as well as a small and friendly work team allow for the maximum creative expression, the fruits of which we offer to you!
Feltmaker – Designer
Viktorija Bučelytė – Kačerauskienė 
 Felting is a hobby which allows me to express my own feeling about the world and fantasy. During felting I forget all my worries, feel energized and more vigorous. When I start to assemble my first woollen clouds for a new hat project, I can already see how my next work will look like.
Sometimes I just write down the things – all my ideas coming up and thoughts gather together. The image that stays the longest in my mind, eventually materializes into another work item.
Therefore, my working environment is very important for me. The place where I’m working doesn’t have a single thing that I don’t need. As a bouquet of flowers always inspires me to choose natural combinations of colours, they remind me of the harmony in nature.
Some people conjure with cards, others use coffee grounds, while I conjure with the felting process. But that it is just a feeling of the situation. If the human soul emanates serenity, poise and kindness, the felting process goes very smoothly.
However, when I’m felting, I pat the filaments, wishing quiet thoughts for the future owner of the felt item, harmony and more positive things that sometimes begin from something pleasantly small – a felt.
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