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  1. Sauna hats orders

Want to order a larger quantity of sauna hats at more reasonable price?

Applied discounts:

300 – 500 Euro -7%

501 – 1000 Euro -10%

1001 – 2500 Euro -15%

2501 – 5000 Euro -20%


Please plan larger shipments and contact us info@saunahuete.de in advance as your order will take longer time to complete because:

  • We do not store larger quantities of sauna hats.
  • This is a unique handmade work.


  1. Sauna whisks orders

Sauna whisk country of origin: Lithuania.

Production time: June – August.

Packaging: each sauna whisk is packed in a plastic bag.

Shipping Packages: box – 800mmx600mmx600mm; capacity – 60 pcs. (+- 5) whisks.

For greater quantities than 100 pcs. pre-orders are accepted only until 15th of May.

An advance payment of 50% must be made by the end of May, the balance payment – before the goods are dispatched.

Sauna whisk price do not include shipping and phytosanitary certificate costs.

  • Please inform us in advance if a Phytosanitary certificate is required for parcel delivery to your country. We will be happy to take care of it.
  • Sauna whisk is a seasonal product that unfortunately it is impossible to produced during winter/autumn/spring. Therefore, large-scale orders for sauna whisk are only accepted by prior arrangement.
  • We have prepared more than 15 types of sauna whisks. For wholesale prices please contact us: info@saunahuete.de


  1. Business gifts

We offer you a new and unique service – the perfect, luxury and practical business gift – Woven Towels with your company logo or other selected image (from a vector file or photo).

For the offer that suits your needs, please contact us: info@saunahuete.de


  1. Sauna textiles

High quality linen/cotton terry sauna clothes: bathrobes, skirts, dresses, hats, wisp of bast.

Wholesale orders of linen/cotton terry sauna clothes are accumulated and delivered to the factory as a single order, which can take 1-2 months to complete. During the Christmas period, orders can be delayed or late due to the high volume of production and also the subtleties of the transport, so in order to avoid problems, we would like to get your Christmas orders before 1st of October.

We will be happy to decorate the selected products according to your request with embroidered logo or text.

For personally customized offer please contact us: info@saunahuete.de


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