Calamus – Birch whisk


Probably many of you have tasted or at least heard of the home baked calamus (sweet flag) bread. The calamus plant gives  a very special flavor and taste for the bread.  The aroma of calamus is good not only for bakery products, but also for the sauna. Whisks containing calamus smell like homemade bread, which for many people may help awaken the body’s inner life energy. The vanta with the calamus plant can alleviate colds, headaches, sore throat or other pains.

Lenght: 45-50 cm (17-20″)
Handle: 10-12 cm (4-4.7″)
Diameter of handle: 3 cm (1.2″)
Weight: 90-110 g (3.2-3.9 oz)


Calamus – Birch whisk is used for patients  in sauna with colds.