Gift Coupon 20€


Important: Conditions of use

Coupon has to be used during three months from the purchase; Dates of purchase and expiry are on the coupon.

Coupon might be transferred to the third party.

Coupon can’t be exchanged into cash.

Coupon might be used only once.

If the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the coupon, the rest may be covered by the bank transfer or by using the Paypal system, but please let us know about it at:

In case the value of the purchase is lower than the value of the coupon, the change is not given.


Why Gift Coupon?

We are delighted. Most often, such a pleasant senses come by after the creation of new sauna hat, but this moment is distinct. We are very happy to present you a new – this time different kind of creation, which we hope will “blow in” more ideas for us, but also freedom for you.

Yes, it’s a gift coupon – was long fostered and awaited. Knowing that it is not always a simple task to choose a “real” gift, we hope to make it a little easier by giving the opportunity for you contribute to the origin of the final product.

What next steps must be done?

First of all, this beautiful process begins when the gift provider chooses and pays for the gift coupon and sending cost of the future item (7 eur). Then, we join you and together look for the best gift card delivery options available.

First option – it is a journey, “touch”, surprise and joy of wonder – gift receiver will get postcard which will travel in more sensitive, special, deep romantic way – by post. There is also other option to send a postcard for you (gift provider), if you have a desire to be part of gift receivers amazement and an overwhelming emotions (no additional charge; necessary yours or gift receiver address).

Second option – reaching tops of comfort and can be suitable for speed enthusiasts – electronic-postcard (necessary your or gift receiver email address).

More help?

We like to challenge ourselves, so one of them is to ensure the clarity of the information and to help you find answers to your questions. Sometimes they appear, sometimes not, but it is good to know that exist an order form to accommodate your wishes, thoughts, perhaps dreams. If inspiration visits you, but we will find uncertainties on the order form, we will definitely contact you to “catch” every detail of your request. Also remember, you can contact us by:

And slightly more info?

We want to be flexible and think it’s pleasant when the gift coupon is valid for three months. The gift recipient will be able calmly look at the “Sauna Hat” shop or draw a model for his/her unique sauna hat, that has not yet been created.

So, you know the person who would like it, but want to be sure that it really fits? Choose a gift coupon that will bring success for your present:)


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