Sauna hat Crown 2


Grey white Thin sauna hat crown, hat from felt for sauna, unisex sauna hat.

Playful sauna hat for using in sauna.

ONE SIZE (suitable for these sizes: 57-60cm.)

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Sauna hat Crown 2.

100% Wool (Merino wool).

Covers head.
Protects and guards your head, hair from sudden temperature changes.
Keeps comfort while staying in great heat for a long time.
Very light sauna hat.

Washing with the wool or hand program.

One universal size.

It is a standard sauna hat Crown 2 that is only one size and worn folded up. That how you can adjusts the size.
If you want the hat to fit the size of your head, we recommend choosing other models that are only made to a size.

Not suitable for embroidery

More information about sauna hats:


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