Sauna hat “Pink Hydrangea”


Hydrangea it is all about the Chemistry!!!

Hydrangeas with bloom colors that range from pink through blue and purple usually belong to the hydrangea cultivars known as mopheads and lacecaps. These types of hydrangeas have the interesting ability to change the color of their blooms based on the chemistry of the soil. When grown in alkaline soil, the bloom colors are pinker. When grown in acidic soil, the bloom colors are bluer.

Good luck finding your own Hydrangea color!

Ready to ship in: 29/09/2022


100% Wool (Merino wool)

Covers all head and ears
Protects and guards your head, hair from sudden temperature changes
Keeps comfort while staying in great heat for a long time
Embroidered pink Hydrangea
Very light sauna hat

One universal size


At your request we can embroider a name, slogan or logo
Suitable for individuals, groups or businesses
Specified price are without embroidery work
The best price-quality ratio

More information about sauna hats:

Additional information

Weight100 g

English, Deutsch


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