St. John’s wort and Birch whisk


St. John’s wort has long been used as a healing herb. Lithuanian folk medicine believes that St. John’s wort can cure a hundred diseases. Whisks with St. John’s wort also have a lot of useful properties: they are perfectly suitable for meditation, dispel solitude, may protect against depression and diminish the destructive influence of fears. St. John’s wort can soften the skin, relieve itching, disinfect and rejuvenate the skin. Whipping your skin with a bundle of St. John’s wort and having a cup of St. John’s wort tea afterwards can remove all illnesses from your body according to traditional medicine.

Lenght: 45-50 cm (17-20″)
Handle: 10-12 cm (4-4.7″)
Diameter of handle: 3 cm (1.2″)
Weight: 90-110 g (3.2-3.9 oz)


St. John’s wort and Birch whisk protect against depression.

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