Sauna hat “Emperor helmet”


Sauna hat “Emperor helmet”

Unique felted hat with a embroidery.

Material: 100% merino wool



Sauna hat “Emperor helmet”

Material: 100% merino wool

Decor: embroiderd eagle

All of our hats are made by hand using the oldest non-wowen technique – felting, which allows for a unique, original design, avoiding monotonous repetition. The making by hand also allows incorporating into our items the delicate materials, such as silk, linens, lace as well as using more complex felting techniques, making them even more enjoyable and fun to wear.

Our hats will make an excellent and unique gift for fun loving people, be it a relative or business partner. They would also be suitable to wear to a thematic evening or carnival.

Why wear a hat in sauna?

Sauna hat protects your head and hair from overheating during sauna sessions. The head is most sensitive to sauna heat – you may feel dizzy, your hair can get excessively dry and brittle, the capillaries in your skin open up and may even break. All of this can make bathing in sauna a less pleasant experience. However, when your head is protected by a woolen hat, you will be able to enjoy the therapeutic effects of sauna for longer periods. Our sauna hats are made of 100% sheep’s wool and have excellent thermo regulatory properties. Wearing them will keep you comfortable while staying in great heat for quite a long time. Each hat has an original design, featuring fairy motives and will certainly add fun and excitement to bathing in the sauna.

Care instructions for sauna hat

The hats are easy to take care of. They can be washed with a mild detergent or soap suitable for wool either by hand or washing machine using the wool cycle. The pin accessories must be removed before washing. After washing and hand wringing, the hat must be shaped or strechted to its original shape. If you are determined to hand wash your hat, wash it in a lukewarm water with a detergent/soap/liquid suitable for wool. Rinse the hat in water of the same temperature to avoid great temperature difference. Items requiring delicate care have been marked by a separate symbol, they can only be hand washed so that the trim does not get wet.


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53 cm – XS, 54/55 cm – S, 56/57 cm – M, 58/59 cm – L, 60/61 cm – XL, 62/63 cm – XXL, 64-65 cm – XXXL

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