Sauna hat “Emperor helmet”


All of our hats are made by hand using the oldest non-wowen technique – felting, which allows for a unique, original design, avoiding monotonous repetition. The making by hand also allows incorporating into our items the delicate materials, such as silk, linens, lace as well as using more complex felting techniques, making them even more enjoyable and fun to wear.

Our hats will make an excellent and unique gift for fun loving people, be it a relative or business partner. They would also be suitable to wear to a thematic evening or carnival.


Sauna hat “Emperor helmet”.

100% Wool (Merino wool).
Sauna hat felted using the wet felting technique.
Felted hat from fine wool.
Decor: embroidered eagle

Covers all head and ears.
Guard head, hair from sudden temperature changes.
Protects from overheating.
Have excellent thermoregulatory properties.
Keeps comfort staying in great heat for quite a long time.

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53 cm – XS, 54/55 cm – S, 56/57 cm – M, 58/59 cm – L, 62/63 cm – XXL, 64-65 cm – XXXL


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