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Why do you need a sauna hat?


Advantages of sauna are known for us, but do we know well what extra protection attributes we need to have with us in sauna and why?

Most important it is a sauna hat, that protects your head and hair from overheating during sauna sessions. The difference between a steaming session with a hat and one without is immense.

Usually, temperature in sauna may be high and your head is most exposed to the heat when staying inside. The head tends to heat up faster than the rest of the body, especially when a person is sitting down or standing up, because hot steam and sauna heat, according to the laws of nature, rises upstream. The head is most sensitive to sauna heat – so this can increase blood pressure, you may start feel dizzy or head being heavy, feel drowsiness and weakness, breathing difficulties, your hair can get excessively dry and brittle, the capillaries in your skin open up and may even break. 

All of this can make bathing in sauna less pleasant experience. However, when your head is protected by a woolen hat, you will be able to enjoy the therapeutic effects of sauna for longer period. 

It is important to understand that hat it is not only an accessory, but very essential part and simply necessary our health protection tool, that gives relaxation and pleasant healing moments.


Why wear a hat in sauna?


Which materials are best for making sauna hats?

Our best friend are Wool! That’s why our sauna hats are made of 100% sheep’s wool and have excellent thermoregulatory properties. The felt hat is a great insulator (against the cold and the heat), meaning that it keeps the air inside of it (around your head) at a constant temperature. When your head is protected by felt or wool hat, it prevents your hair being damaged by heat, helps to keep the air around your head at a comfortable temperature, allows you to remain longer in sauna

The properly made sauna hats is an essential factor to get a perfect heat and wearing them keeps you comfortable while staying in great heat.


Sauna hats nowadays?

Exist more and more information about sauna hats advantages. By knowing what materials are best for production, and what health protection benefits the hats provide, we can think about sauna hats also as an exclusive, something that stands out, with a personal touch, distinctive in design and style, variety of different models and colours hats.

It is not longer only a “hat”, but a long-lasting beautiful creation, your companion for self-care and better health. 

Let yourself be creative with your sauna hats!

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