Sauna hat “Strawberry”


Playful and joyful sauna hat “Strawberry” will bring great joy not only for your little ones, but for everyone that still keeps “kid” spirit inside.


The head is most sensitive to sauna heat – you may feel dizzy, your hair can get excessively dry and brittle, the capillaries in your skin open up and may even break. All of this can make bathing in sauna a less pleasant experience. However, when head is protected by a woolen hat, you will be able to enjoy the therapeutic effects of sauna for longer periods.



Sauna hat “Strawberry”.

100% Wool (Merino wool) and New Zealand wool.
Hat felted using the oldest non-woven technique.

Sauna hat covers head and ears.
Original design.
Protects your head, hair from sudden temperature changes and overheating during sauna sessions.
Have excellent thermoregulatory properties.
Keeps comfort staying in great heat for quite a long time.

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53 cm – XS, 54/55 cm – S, 56/57 cm – M, 58/59 cm – L, 60/61 cm – XL, 62/63 cm – XXL, 64-65 cm – XXXL


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