Sauna hat “Whisk”


Sauna hat for Aufguss, Löyly Banya performance.

The wintry life experience of the Eastern people combined with modern technologies and adapted to modern needs leads to – a new sauna hat design ‘ILGIZ‘ is born.
The hat covers the ears, shoulders and partly the chest. It may be pinned in the back, if necessary, thus allowing for adjustment to the ever changing sauna environment. The hat is made of stabilized genuine felt.

Originality is in simplicity.



Sauna hat “Whisk”.

100% Wool (Merino wool)
Sauna hat felted using the oldest non-woven technique.

Covers all head and ears.
With a pocket on the top of the hat for ice.
Guard head, hair from sudden temperature changes.
Protects from overheating.
Have excellent thermoregulatory properties.
Keeps comfort staying in great heat for quite a long time.

Sauna hat for saunamaster Decorated with a lot separate felted leaves.

One size.

More information about sauna hats:

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one size


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