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Fruits of extraordinary cooperation

SaunaWizards and Saunahuete friendship

Days getting shorter, but creates opportunity to spend evenings with a book, tea, watching movies or having dinner with friends while exchanging real conversations.

Days become magical. Gentle sounds of music reminds us that December celebrations spirits already wondering around and gathering thoughts about closest people, family, time together, or opposite – brings wish to try, explore, develop, experience a new things.

Day of ideas. New creation of remarkable things going to happen all year long! Presenting incredible SaunaWizards and friendship and cooperation.

This collaboration inspired to give as a present specially created handmade sauna hat that will be won by one lucky person in the events were SaunaWizards will share their magical sauna rituals for the body and mind and in the end of their activity will pick one lucky sauna hat winner.

Saunawizards rewards 1st and 2nd days sauna hat winners.

Best way to know about this small occurrence is to follow the Saunawizards and The sauna hat facebook and instagram pages were all information will be updated.

Moments from Satama event.

Become part of the magic sauna rituals and the “member of the SaunaWizards family”.

Best Wishes,

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