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World’s most interesting saunas

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word sauna? Some associate it with the relaxation process, while others associate it with the building itself, with a wooden interior where it is hot. There are, amidst all the world’s variety, some extraordinary saunas scaterred like jewels across the globe that surprise their visitors with their unconventional forms and environment.

Let’s start with the world’s most interesting saunas

“The empty room” – a combination of smooth natural wood interior, crackling fireplace and a magic view of the Alps through the panoramic windows turns this sauna, located in the Leogang Mountains, Austria, into an idyllic picture.

Sauna Tram. Once you are in Milan, you must plan a visit to QC Terme. Here you will find an old tram inventively converted into a sauna.

Sauna Bus. The Finns, who are inseparable from their saunas, offer a special entertainment – bathing in a sauna bus. This sauna, located in the mountaineous Ruka-Kuusamo region in the Finnish Lapland, can be reserved for a group of at least 17 people.

The Wellness Skull. The Skull Sauna with steam coming from the skull’s orbits is a spectacular and charming piece of art with deep philosophical meaning that was presented to the wide public in 2007. It also houses a shower, small pool and a relaxation room.

Solar Egg Sauna looks like a starting point of divine creation. This 20 square meter architectural wonder was designed in 2017. The egg travels around the world, so keep your eyes open – someday it may “roll” into your country.

The Gondola Sauna. Those who love challenges may try this sauna-gondola hanging at 719 m and swung by the winds.

Salt sauna is for those who long for quiet rest. Its design is very attractive to the eye, the environment is relaxing and the sauna’s microclimate is beneficial to the respiratory system – a must-visit for healthy living fans.

The Ice Sauna. The sauna is built from huge ice cubes and is open for visitors from December till early April.

Löyly sauna is probably the most popular public sauna in Helsinki, Finland, favoured by tourists. While it cannot boast long history, but its design is based on a concept encompassing many important aspects, including protection of the environment, saving natural resources, use of renewable energy sources and new spaces as well as tourist attraction centre.

The Hockey Stadium Sauna – there is no other nation like the Finns that has encoded in its genes the smoke of firewood, hissing steam and the slapping of birch whisks. Now and then in Finland you may be taken by surprise by an unusual use of spaces. Here you may watch an ice hockey match live through a window from a sauna!

The Lakeside Sauna is quite popular on the vast spaces of the internet and is noted for its outstanding interior design. However, it is private and therefore accessible only virtually.

Enjoy world’s most interesting saunas!

All photos are from internet and sauna’s homepage.

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