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World Sauna Forum – What to expect?


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Sauna. Yes, sauna. We believe that this word has been already “tested” by many, well-known, familiar, or at least heard. Good. But have you ever been interested in sauna-related events? Whats happening there? About what they usually are?

Let us introduce you World Sauna Forum. It is a very substantial event that offers current knowledge about the best sauna experience in the world and helps people to meet each other to discuss about the future ideas and co-operations. We were lucky to talk with one of the WSF organisers, Elina, that shared with us her insights about the event.

When happened first World Sauna Forum? What was the need to create it?

   In 2016 an idea was born while relaxing in the hot steam of a sauna: a big networking event for sauna businesses from all over the world to strengthen the international markets of the Finnish sauna. Businesses would get a chance to meet each other to discuss about the market potential and latest research of sauna, and also ideas for the future. This would help in the development of the world’s best sauna experience and promote the unique and original Finnish sauna internationally.

 In 2017 around 200 sauna and wellbeing professionals gathered together in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, to hear about the latest news, trends, and research around Finnish sauna. The day was memorable and full of new encounters: new partnerships were formed, ideas exchanged, saunas and products tested. Finnish sauna grew stronger roots both in Finland and abroad.

   The second World Sauna Forum was successfully organised in 2018 and this year the event is going to be better than ever.

What impact World Sauna Forum has?

   World Sauna Forum brings businesses and professionals together to create new ideas for the sauna and wellbeing markets. Sauna is a globally trending phenomenon. Together with national uniqueness and cultural legacy, Finnish sauna gives a variety of benefits for all people: health – related solutions, lifestyle benefits, exotic touch and the best way to spend time with nearest and dearest. That’s why it’s so important to work together towards better and more varied authentic and high quality sauna experience solutions.

How it feels to participate in World Sauna Forum?

   Participating World Sauna Forum feels like spending time with your friends while talking business! The event is casual and relaxed spiced up with high-quality sauna bathing. You’ll receive new ideas and meet business partners to help to develop your business, and at the same time have fun and enjoy the benefits of the Finnish sauna.

World Sauna Forum in 10 years from now?

   In 10 years World Sauna Forum has grown into a globally recognised number 1 forum for sauna and wellbeing professionals. The event will draws people to Finland from all over the world and will be known for it’s casual but high-quality content that is a nice change for ordinary business making.

Some inspiring or funny stories from the event?

   Last year we build a pop up sauna village where our participants could test different kinds of interesting saunas. There was a sauna built inside a sea container, sauna that you can drive around attached to your car, floating sauna, boat sauna, Christmas sauna… even the Santa Claus made an appearance in the middle of October.

We want to thanks to Elina, that answered Saunahuete questions and also invited all of us to meet in Tampere. So, let see each other in World Sauna Forum 2019!

More information about event and programme:

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