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Sauna hat: right size choice and care instructions

Sauna hat size – importance and comfort.

Nowadays, being in sauna without a hat it is hard to imagine and at the same time exist so many choices – different shapes, sizes, forms, models. Head is spinning already!! So, how to choose the right one for yourself? Do you already know what hat size are correct for you? Which is the most appropriate headwear for sauna?

Lots of sauna hats are able to make you fashionable, but first of all it’s necessary feel protected and comfortable with them. In the end, most important attention and focus should be for materials, quality, way of making, and right size choice.


How to determine your sauna hat size?

It is very important to measure the head with a centimetre, because after knowing your dimensions, we can calculate the size of the template, that the felted headwear would be neither too small nor too large, but appropriate.

Sauna hat must stick firmly on the head and cover the entire head till the eyebrows. It is necessary to keep the hat dry during the entire time in sauna.

For the long hair persons we recommend the hat to be at least one size bigger.


The table of the sauna hat sizes


Shape of hat?

An interesting fact is that sauna hats are suitable for all face shapes!

Now we are waiting for you to reveal your creativity, colors, tastes, ideas and let them come true, because all of our hats are made by hand, using the oldest non-woven technique – felting, which allows for a unique, original design, avoiding monotonous repetition. Making by hand also allows incorporating into our items the delicate materials, such as silk, linens, lace as well as using more complex felting techniques, making them even more enjoyable and fun to wear. We can make various shapes and models.


Well, for example, high-long sauna hats are very practical for people with long hair (there is space to place them), and wide brim hats ensure that steam slips off the face. A sauna hat of your choice can be decorated with an accessory purchased separately, which can later be replaced with a new one, if desired. Moreover, we can embroider logo of your company or a personalized wish/greeting onto the hat of your choice.


Care instructions for sauna hats

The hats are easy to take care of. They can be washed with a mild detergent or soap suitable for wool either by hand or washing machine (using the wool cycle). All kind of accessories must be removed before washing. After washing and hand wringing, the hat must be shaped or stretched to its original shape. If you are determined to hand wash your hat, wash it in a lukewarm water with a detergent/soap/liquid suitable for wool. Rinse the hat in water of the same temperature to avoid greatest temperature difference. Items requiring delicate care can only be hand washed so that the trim does not get wet.

The hat should be taken off after staying in sauna.

Taking good care of sauna hat – should last a lifetime:)!!

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